JUNE 2012
Featured on the Technion 2012 Cornerstone Centennial Stamp, the nanofibers behind the dynamic new start-up NanoSpun signify many...
Marathon Woman
Iíve run two marathons, Boston and New York; the Boston marathon took me over five hours. This is very slow; the current world record time...
Jewel in the Crown
An exhibition of handcrafted jewelry created by Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman is displayed on campus. Designed for his wife...
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05/08/2015, Read more
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Technion-Cornell NYC partnership given jump start by Google
In the five months since Mayor Michael Bloombergís decision to select the Technion-Cornell partnership to build an applied science campus in New York City, the two universities have made great strides in making the proposal a reality.

The project took a giant leap forward with the announcement that Google, New York will be the interim home of the Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute (TCII) and the CornellNYC Tech Campus. Google will initially provide 22,000 square feet, expandable to 58,000 square feet - free of charge - until the completion of the Roosevelt Island campus in 2017. Read more
Biological Computer Cracks the Code
A code-breaking interdisciplinary team created a computing system using biomolecules that, with appropriate software, was able to decipher two overlapping fluorescent images that were encrypted on a single DNA 5476-pixel chip. The group was led by Prof. Ehud Keinan of Technionís Schulich Faculty of Chemistry and adjunct professor at The Scripps Research Institute, California.

Published online in the journal Angewandte Chemie in February 2012, this is the first experimental demonstration of a molecular cryptosystem of images based on DNA computing. Since multiple images can be encrypted on the same chip, this method can be used for a higher level of encryption in which each individual image is meaningless but their linear combination represents the complete picture. Read more
Technion Computer Engineering Center (TCE)
Attending the inaugural conference of TCE in May 2011, Ruth Boneh, who was then post silicon verification operations manager at Intel Israel, was very impressed with what she found at Technion. ďI saw immediately that there was something wonderful happening here, and I thought that I could be a part of it,Ē says Boneh. Indeed, she is now the centerís director.

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering are two of the Technionís leading faculties. With TCE, they aim to take a national and international leadership role in cutting-edge research and development and operate as a focal point for academic and industrial collaboration. Importantly, TCE strives to educate the next generation of world-class leaders in Computer Engineering. Read more
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